Terms of Services

:: Terms of Services for Araby Services Company ::

  • When you participate in an Araby Services Company, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions.
  • Araby Services Company is committed not to sell your information to any person or authority, including your email, but we use the mail to send promotional messages from time to time and you have the right not to send or close your account at any time.
:: General Terms ::
  • No service is offered until you pay half the amount or pay the full amount.
  • In the event of a request for service from our service and delay in depositing the amount, the application shall be considered null and void after one week from the date.
  • The prices on the site are fixed and can only be reduced in times of special offers.
  • Unfortunately, "Araby Services Company" does not provide any free services permanently or in return for non-material.
  • Direct talk is primarily for sales, and the employee has the right to ask the customer to open a ticket instead of talking to him directly.
  • In case of violation of the conditions, an Araby services company may impose a fine to return the service which it estimates and has the right to set the price without placing it in the conditions.
  • We do not offer or support any of the required services except for the applicant and his / her registered data is only for us.
  • Araby Services Company is entitled to change any of the conditions on this page at the time it deems appropriate and the customer must follow the conditions even if he does not receive an alert.
:: Customer Obligations ::
  • The direct call is considered for sales only and the customer is not entitled to request technical support through the direct chat service. Technical support is only limited by tickets
  • The customer must maintain full membership of his / her responsibility for the loss of files signed in case of breach of membership data on our site.
  • It is prohibited to infringe on the employees of the company by verbal or verbal abuse directly or indirectly intentionally or unintentionally. We will strictly deal with this matter and your service may be terminated permanently without any refund.
  • Defamation of institutions Recently, we find that the most Internet users of the owners of the nearest thing to them is defamation and we are in such actions for any reason and the contract between you and the institution is null in case of defamation and you are not entitled to claim any rights
  • If you have lost all the things in your account such as mobile number or e-mail, we will ask for a copy of your identity. If the information contained in the membership is different from the information in the personal ID, we will not give you the membership, so be sure to put all the information correctly.
:: Araby Services Company Obligations ::
  • Collective and postal dumping is prohibited in mailing lists. The owner of the infringing site shall bear the resulting damage and shall immediately close his position with the customer being fined and shall not be entitled to claim the rest of his financial dues.
  • Customer shall not be entitled to cause any damage to an Araby services company. The contract between you and the company is binding on the parties and this agreement is valid until the contract is canceled and is entitled to transfer after payment of the additional services fees. Each contract between you and an Araby services company shall be considered as an independent contract,
  • Consumption of system resources and damage to the server is under the responsibility of the site owner. If the customer is determined to attempt to damage a server or consume system resources such as processor, memory or network using malicious or prohibited scripts, the site will be closed immediately without refunds.
  • The use of free service programs for visitors, such as hosting or any kind of services provided to other webmasters, is prohibited. The space (location) and the services provided to the customer are intended for the use of the customer only
  • It is prohibited to host the following contents or related to hacking, espionage, or all malicious software, viruses, sexual or pornographic material, or infringing upon the Islamic religion or other religions or public morals.
  • The site must be devoid of any violation of Islamic law and the site should not be exposed to the religion of Islam or other religions in any way
  • The use of hosting is strictly prohibited for political purposes and the exposure of any country, president or any entity is prohibited in any way
  • The use of the Site or any of the Services does not harm the server or other sites located on the server or any other sites
  • An Araby Services Company may delete or block any program, page or files that cause damage to the server or other sites
  • The customer is compensated if the site stops more than 72 hours an additional week on the hosting period - if there are no updates for the server
  • It is forbidden to use space to upload movies and files with large areas in order not to consume the resources of the server
  • Technical support for hosting customers is limited to the presence of the website and its main problems and we do not support internal software such as the forum and others, but have a cost of their own
  • Customer may claim full refund within 14 days of completion of the purchase in case of annual plans
  • The customer is not entitled to request a refund in the event of purchasing a domain or implementing a website design service
  • In the event of a desire to transfer to another hosting, the customer is entitled to take a backup copy of his location and the data of his domain
  • The participant shall be notified that the hosting period is one week in advance and the site shall be temporarily suspended after 3 days and the site shall be permanently deleted after 5 days
  • We do not host any site that is interested in teaching hacking and hackers
  • We do not host any website that supports terrorist organizations
:: Hosting Terms ::
  • Period of payment: is monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months on all servers are full and common.
  • Monthly payment date: The customer must pay the full amount of the renewal of the server before it is renewed in 48 hours at least.
  • Cancellation Requests: The customer has the right to request the cancellation of the server 48 hours before the renewal date and no cancellation request is considered after this period.
  • Refund: The amount of the server can not be returned or replaced by another service.
  • Delay in payment: The amount of the renewal of the server must be paid on time and at the time of delay a 10% penalty is added according to the value of the server. The customer will then receive a 24 hour period. If the payment is not completed, the server will be stopped and a restart fee will be added. Payment is not made after 24 hours of suspension. The server is canceled and all its contents are cleared and the client is not entitled to any files.
  • Spam When a spam is sent from a client server it will be notified and alerted more than once and then the site is blocked causing spam and if the server is repeatedly stopped until the problem is resolved.
  • Using unlicensed programs: When unlicensed programs are reported to the server, the client will be notified and given 24 hours to stop the site or license.
  • Terrorism sites: It is strictly forbidden to host websites that encourage terrorism, extremism and the methods of manufacturing explosives and bombs.
  • Upgrade requests: You can request the upgrade of the server and will be given the client times of promotion and select the appropriate for him and are upgraded after payment.
  • Prohibition of banned items: It is strictly forbidden to host pornographic, terrorist and Shiite websites.
  • The technical support for the full and shared server customers is limited to the presence of the server on the Internet and its main problems and do not support the software internally and others, but have their own cost.
  • Technical Support Tickets: A customer who is not a participant in the server management plans is entitled to request a solution to the problem or a problem, but an additional amount is charged to each problem. The amount is estimated by problem Or participate in the monthly technical support plan.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the server to perform attacks or use the server to attack other servers or sites or networks.
:: Programming and Design Terms ::
  • The customer is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the programs that are installed for him by an Araby services company and not to disclose, distribute or provide all or part of them unless there is written permission to do so by the institution
  • The customer shall not remove the logo or the rights of the programs or designs which are placed in the lower part of the program or design, and in the case of removing them, it will be removed from the service agreement, including in some cases development and renewal or obtaining agreed advantages. Locations
  • In case the customer submitted a request for programming, design or other services and wanted to cancel the application for any reason after the transfer of the amount, the client is entitled to request a refund (half) the amount paid only and not the full amount within a maximum of 48 hours of the transfer of the amount and validity of the contract
:: Refund Guarantee ::
  • The customer has the right to request refund in case the company is unable to solve any problem that can be resolved in case there is a convincing reason for managing an Araby services company.
  • Customer may claim full refund within 14 days of completion of the purchase in case of annual plans
  • The customer is not entitled to request a refund in case of purchasing a domain or completing the service of designing a service
  • Important Notice: In case the customer has transferred his warranty period without being officially notified prior to the transfer. With the reasons for the cancellation of the contract being clarified, the customer will not have the final right to claim any amount he paid. An Araby services company may refuse the request if the reasons are not convincing.
  • Araby Services Company has the full right to claim the legal and raise the subject to the competent authorities in case of violation of these conditions.